Displaying Futures
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

2012 Symposium Taipei

Merck’s Displaying Futures symposium
Taiwan’s panel industry is working hard to explore possible next-generation displays – with fruitful results. Merck, as a part and partner of this industry would like to contribute insights with its initiative ‘Displaying Futures’. The underlying concept of this program is to develop scenarios of our future from the perspective of architects, designers, artists and scientists. We wish to bring together these experts with an outside view with the experts in technology – that is to say – with you.
Inevitably, display devices will play an even more prominent role in our future. As we firmly believe in this, our initiative ‘Displaying Futures’ is a continuation of our motto “Merck makes communication visible”.
Hopefully, this event will be a rare opportunity to merge your technological authority with ideas and concepts from different cultural fields. We look forward to a dialogue between our guests and our speakers. Each one will define the future of display within their individual expertise.
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Date:Thursday 15th November, 2012
Place:Xue Xue Institute 207, Tiding Boulevard Sec 2,
Neihu District, Taipei
Topics:Future Technology for High Quality Living by Dr. Ming-Chin Ho, ABRI
Future Architecture and Technology by Marisa Yiu and Eric Schuldenfrei, ESKYIU
Seamless Mobility by Audi
The Magic Experience of Interaction by Stefan Karp, mama interactive
Culture and Creativity for Product Design and Development, Mr. Tony Chang, Taiwan Design Cente


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