Displaying Futures
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Displaying Futures - Performance Materials (2015)

Under the aegis of “Displaying Futures” – an initiative that we called into being in 2011 to promote interdisciplinary dialog – on November 5, 2015 renowned speakers will encounter an illustrious audience in San Francisco to shed light on the following questions. How can we gain insights into what the new technologies and devices can do? What sort of product design will they have? How can we, working as we do in performance materials, help ensure with our products and above all product developments that the materials chosen for the new technologies and devices developed and produced are ideally suited to performance and design?

Displaying Futures - Crystal Clear Vision

Opening your mind and opening a window are sometimes very similar. The fifth event in the Displaying Futures series will look at smart materials and their application in architecture. A special focus will be on the potential of liquid crystal windows (LCW) on large-scale surface areas now being used for the first time. They allow the intensity of light entering a building to be regulated precisely – whether over an entire façade or window by window.

Displaying Futures - Building Innovation (2014)

From the palm of the hand to the walls of buildings. The fourth event in the Displaying Futures series addresses the question of what would actually happen if displays took over architecture and were suddenly a lot more than just decoration or media interfaces. What will the façades of our buildings look like? How will we use them? Will the whole city become one big display screen? Will the city only then really become smart? And should this thought scare us or are displays ultimately nothing more than the cave paintings of our ancestors?

Displaying Futures - Ubiquitous Interaction (2013)

The Ubiquitous Interaction symposium is a part of our innovation journey. As with the previous ones, it is characterized by a lively dialog between our customers and our own in-house experts, who represent various disciplines. It is also the expression of a sustainable policy at our company aimed at fostering the development of new technologies and products that suit the evolving needs of display users.

Displaying Futures - Seamless Transitions (2012)

With the theme Seamless Transitions – From Urbanity to Products, we are continuing the Displaying Futures initiative in an Asian country. The objective of Displaying Futures is to unite experts from various fields so that they can draw up a picture of the future from their own perspectives. The initiative is intended to foster a lively, multidisciplinary discussion and deliver inspirational ideas with regard to the future properties, demands and applications of displays as a strong basis for the future competitiveness of all participants.

Displaying Futures - Perceptions (2011)

Features the categories “Visual Perception, Public Perception and Selective Perception” with articles from renown authors. They reflect the work of architects, designers, artists and scientists and extract the relevance of seeing and perceiving in their individual work. The book is published by Trademark Publishing and is available in English. The publisher, a brainchild of Sign Kommunikation, has received numerous awards including, among others, the Red Dot Award, the Berliner Type and the Good Design Award.


Displaying Futures – Publications

Displaying Futures Magazine
With Displaying Futures, in 2011 we established a format for the discussion of technology, design and the future at annual symposia.
The range of topics extends from the new relevance of materials, the future of displays and changes in the field of mobility up to the impact of technological and digital change.
Displaying Futures magazine addresses these focus areas in articles by well-known authors, who closely examine and reflect upon them in the social context. 
Our Displaying Futures magazine was recognized with the silver "Best of Content Marketing" award in 2016.


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