Displaying Futures
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Symposium 2017

We live in intermediary times. Digitalization accelerates rapidly and affects our lives in countless ways. We experience the fading of former well defined boundaries between the digital and the analog world as well as the emergence of a variety of new services and possibilities: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Autonomous Driving, Internet of Things are just some prominent examples.

As curiosity is our driving force at our company, we want to understand what is ahead of us and how it may affect us and our customers. Out of this reason, we dedicate this year’s Displaying Futures Symposium to the theme of Digital Transformations: Throughout the event, we will examine digital transformation from various angles and explore current developments that affect the individual as well as the society.

Symposium 2016

As our cities are growing bigger and bigger and our environment is becoming smarter, our mobility needs are changing. The development of self-driving cars is under way. Car manufacturers are developing autonomous vehicles, while other innovations in mobility are already hitting the road, such as car sharing, car pooling and taxi alternatives. The car of the future will be connected to communicate with other vehicles and with an increasingly intelligent roadway infrastructure. Progress in technology and connectivity raise the question of ownership. New mobility concepts include areas such as society, urbanity, economy, design and technology. Our company has invited and teamed up great minds from different fields to give an insight into their perspective of our prospective future.


Everything is changing: our world, automobiles and human mobility. To build an automobile that’s right for the 21st century, you need new materials. Our innovations give designers new opportunities.

Displaying Futures Award

With the new Displaying Futures Award, our company recognizes entrepreneurial spirit in the field of Performance Materials. The 2016 award focuses on new applications of liquid crystals.


Displaying Futures Initiative

Which interaction between people and displays do experts expect to happen in the future? Which changes can they already now predict will occur in their own fields? How will these changes influence the development of displays? And how can displays change our daily lives and habits – and vice versa?
For a number of years, our core belief has been “We make communication visible”. With our initiative “Displaying Futures”, we want to learn how designers, architects, artists, and scientists “make communication visible” in their own fields – apart from a purely technological approach.
This initiative will be a rare opportunity to enter into a lively dialogue with some of the globally most renowned thinkers of our times. It will provide inspiring perspectives for product planning and development. “Displaying Futures” is an exceptional platform to support and stimulate your own products and a fertile basis for establishing future competitive advantage.


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Displaying Futures Award


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